Cargo Handling

Africa Union Cargo is dedicated to the throughput of Zambian commodities for export, Zambian business for investment and international cargo imports for Zambia.


We have worked diligently with our Chinese Joint Venture partners to source Zambian hardwoods for export for the Chinese markets. We have proposed that all trading must be for the benefit of the Zambian people and have not only focused on the exports of hard woods but also the implementation of production factories to semi produce the woods in Zambia before export as to create employment opportunities for the Zambian community.


AUC have brought one of the biggest copper production companies in the world to Zambia to do research on Zambian green fields and small copper production companies for the view of investment. We know the plight of many license holders who have the rights to copper fields but do not have the funds to begin production. It is our intention to further boost the Zambian community to bring one of our several opportunities to finality and empower the region surrounds and it’s people.

Dimension Stone

Our research in marble and granite has revealed that Zambia holds some of the highest quality dimension stone. This is a commodity that his highly regarded in eastern markets and we have in place through our joint venture that a focus on Zambian Dimension Stone is key to our venture. We have over the last 12 months brought numerous buyers of dimension stone to view Zambian marble and granite and are in negotiations for both purchase and investment.

All above and other cargo stipulated to be imported and exported via the Zambia Dry Port in Walvis Bay.

Clearing & Forwarding

Our clearing and forwarding department is well established and has great relationships with the various stake holders in logistics freight forwarding and customs clearances


Containerised Cargo

Container storage, unpacking, palletizing and distribution services. All type of consignments irrespective of size or weight can be handled