Company | Lusaka - Zambia

Africa Union Cargo & the Zambian Dry Port office based in the capital of Zambia.

The existence of Africa Union Cargo Zambian Dry Port within Namport, its steady growth over the years is a testimony to the vision we have of connecting Zambia to Africa and the rest of the world. Being a landlocked country with main dependency on the Tanzania and Durban Ports, AUC- Zambia Dry Port creates an opportunity for Zambia to have access to existing and untapped markets using a superior entry and exit point (Walvis Bay).

Our local office in Lusaka, Zambia provides access, information and opportunities that exist to the benefit of the local and international investors and businesses. In connection with Zambia’s economic agenda of enhancing diversification to achieve sustainable economic growth and development, our mission and services compliment this objective as we provide access to a wide range of import and export products such as in the agriculture and mining industries that will enable the attainment of this goal. We are currently working on bringing government ministries on board to create partnerships and strong working links.

Our innovative on-the ground team strives to address the day to day challenges facing businesses to ensure that we offer solutions such as the storage and transportation of both dry and frozen products.

Our focus is to provide a superior, safer, faster and more economical platform for an enhanced ease of logistical business for all Zambian Businesses.

We are creating strategic partnerships with investors in the Zambian market by providing this platform for them to transport input materials and export outputs. It is our aim to offer the Zambian Business Sectors a Zambian solution to all their logistical needs.

Be Zambian - Be the Zambian Dry Port

Clearing & Forwarding

Our clearing and forwarding department is well established and has great relationships with the various stake holders in logistics freight forwarding and customs clearances


Containerised Cargo

Container storage, unpacking, palletizing and distribution services. All type of consignments irrespective of size or weight can be handled


Cargo Handling

We can competently, efficiently and effectively handle the packing and unpacking of specialized cargo e.g. Granite Blocks, Vehicles and other dry cargo.