Saturday, 03 September 2018

Signature of contracts between OGEFREM and partners

Signature of three contracts between OGEFREM and its partners to strengthen the traceability of Congolese freight

Kinshasa, September 3th, (CPA) – The Office of Multimodal Freight Management (OGEFREM) has recently signed three contracts with the special agents of various maritime zones of foreign firms, with a view to strengthening the system of traceability of Congolese cargo end in the end, from the supplier to the consumer, the CPA learned about this company on Monday. These renewable three-year contracts will allow OGEFREM to keep stable statistics in order to better promote foreign trade. They will be evaluated twice a year, according to agreed deadlines. The source states that OGEFREM signed the first contract with a Chinese firm, called “Golden Coast Port Group”.

According to him, the private hold 65% and 35% by the Chinese government. The Chinese firm has received the mandate of OGEFREM to ensure th departure of China, the coverage of Congolese freight and its traceability. This contract provides for the opening of an economic and commercial information center in Shanghai, one of the largest financial centers in the world. According to official estimates, according to the same source, the volume of trade between China and the DRC is estimated at one billion US dollars ($ 1,000,000,000) in terms of annual exports, or 60% of Congolese imports. The second contract was signed with the Italian company Agenzia Genovege which specializes in the field of maritime and multimodal transport. Under the terms of this contract, this firm manages Congolese freight from Europe, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The third contract commits the Namibian company “African Union Cargo” to look after freight in the southern part of Africa, particularly in Namibia.

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