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Multimodal Freight Management Transport and Logistics Services

Africa Union Cargo in acronym "AUC", Operating in the Port of Walvis Bay, Namibia with offices in the DRC, South Africa, China, Zambia and expanding the AUC footprint further in Africa linking all road, rail, air, sea and river borders and ports with Joint Venture Partner Jiangsu Golden Coast Harbor in Shanghai, China signed a five year contract for the handling of the FERI and CD services on behalf of the Multimodal Freight Management Transport and Logistics Services in acronym "OGEFREM" Democratic Republic of Congo in acronym "DRC".

1 September 2018 mark the beginning of our contractual relationship with the DRC Government collecting all FERI and Certification of Destination in acronym "CD" levies, charges due to OGEFREM for all modes of transporting DRC Cargo through Ports and Borders entering the DRC.

AUC would like to take the opportunity to invite all Vessel and Agents, Clearing and Forwarding Services, Transporters, Port Authorities, Port Operators, Distribution Warehouses etc to assist AUC and it's Partners to implement the FERI and CD on behalf of OGEFREM DRC.