The Zambia Dry Port offers a host of preferential services to Zambian based businesses.

We have spent the last year focused on enhancing these services via the Zambian Business Sectors and the Zambian Government directly. It is the purpose of the Zambian Dry Port to enhance the gateway of the Port of Walvis Bay to the world. The core factor of Zambian Businesses and the Zambian Government to utilise the services offered on the west coast of Namibia rather than relying on the congested, unsafe and unreliable ports of the east coast of southern Africa.

Our research has shown, with our relationship with Namport and the WBCG that the Port of Walvis Bay is faster, safer, more reliable and more economical that all other ports in southern Africa. The Lubumbashi – Ndola – Walvis Bay corridor is a far more direct and suitable route than all others. Durban, Beira and Dar Es Salaam ports and routes to Zambia all have logistical, over loading, delays, high cost and safety issues that Walvis Bay Port and the Zambia Dry Port and roads do not. The Port of Walvis Bay is modern and efficient and with the pre-clearing and stuffing and storing and loading facilities at the Zambia Dry Port means that any cargo bound for Zambia / Lusaka can be delivered from ship to destinations in 6-7 days.

We have agreed a new deal with Namport on the Port charges. All new business via the Zambia Dry Port will qualify for a 30% reduction on port charges. This can be a huge reduction on cost to client on any large order via the port of Walvis Bay. AUC will endeavour to launch a new marketing campaign informing all our contacts of this reduction to attract more direct imports to the port of Walvis Bay and the Zambia Dry Port.

AUC & The Zambia Dry Port proudly offer the following comprehensive services:

Our Services includes overall logistics services, electronic information systems, transport, clearing & forwarding inbound and outbound.
Customs inspection, ships agency services and port charges etc.

  • Containerised Cargo Facility
  • Seventy Two (72) Reefer Storage and plug-in Services
  • Trans loading, stuffing, cross packing, through bill of lading (carriers haulage)
  • Wash Bay facility
  • Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)
  • Reefer container mechanical maintenance (parts and services)
  • GP Container cleaning services
  • Cargo Handling and Storage Services
  • Renting of Reach Stacker and Forklift when available
  • Provide Transport/Haulage of empty containers to preferred shipping agency depot
  • Distribution Services
  • Vehicle storage
  • Bulk Cargo Services
  • Clearing and Forwarding Services
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Inbound & Outbound Services

Clearing & Forwarding

Our clearing and forwarding department is well established and has great relationships with the various stake holders in logistics freight forwarding and customs clearances


Containerised Cargo

Container storage, unpacking, palletizing and distribution services. All type of consignments irrespective of size or weight can be handled


Cargo Handling

We can competently, efficiently and effectively handle the packing and unpacking of specialized cargo e.g. Granite Blocks, Vehicles and other dry cargo.