Trade Expansion

A huge focus for AUC is to boost trading for cargo throughput the Zambia Dry Port.

Africa Union Cargo is committed to the growth of the Zambia Dry Port in the port of Walvis Bay. It is our marketing strategy to attract further business and cargo, specifically Zambian inbound and outbound cargo, throughput via the Zambia Dry Port utilizing six key methods:



Since the beginning of 2017 AUC have extensively refreshed the AUC / ZDP brand and exposed it to the Zambian, DRC & Namibian Business Communities as well as the Zambian, DRC & Namibian Governments. We have taken part in several business based conferences and exhibitions in Zambia, DRC & Namibia and have exposed the AUC brand and the Zambia Dry Port services. Through this exposure we have built solid relationships with business stakeholders, that we are working with continuously to increase the flow of traffic through the Zambia Dry Port. We will continue to work with the Zambian, DRC & Namibian Business Communities and Governments to ensure fast, safe, reliable and the economically sound services that are offered via the Zambia Dry Port in the port of Walvis Bay.

Not only are we promoting the Zambia Dry Port directly to both Government and Businesses directly but also partake in exhibitions, promotional and informational seminars, local and international events and stakeholder meetings. We see the exposure of the awareness campaigns as paramount in the establishment of the Zambia Dry Port as front of mind of all who import and export for the Zambian marketplace.

AUC have dedicated office and staff accomplishment in Lusaka, Zambia that work tirelessly with both the Zambian business community and the Zambian Government to further promote the awareness of the services provided at the Zambian Dry Port in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

We have partnered with the Walvis Bay Corridor Group and intensively make the presence of the Zambian Dry Port aware to the international business community that the WBCG work with and through. The WBCG and AUC relationship has grown dramatically over the years. We now attend all business seminars and exhibitions that the WBCG arrange to benefit the Zambia Dry Port in Namibia, the DRC and Zambia. Our relationship with the WBCG has now grown that they in turn promote the Zambia Dry Port at conferences where AUC may not be present in other European, American, Eastern and African countries.

AUC have further promoted the Zambia Dry Port and its services at carefully targeted Economically driven events such as the ZIMEC Mining and Energy Expo held in Lusaka annually. Our presence at such events where both Zambian National and International business and Government members attend as vital to the success of the venture.



AUC have strategized a direct approach to all the larger import and export sectors in Zambia. We have over the years gained huge experience and knowledge of all different commodities that are traded and then transported to and from Zambia via the Port of Walvis Bay. Our approach now is to the mining, production and fishing sectors to ensure them that the Zambia Dry Port should be the first port of call for any goods entering or leaving Zambia via the Port of Walvis Bay. Through this co-operation AUC can solidify long lasting relationships with the larger import and export sectors to ensure that Zambian cargo is destined for the Zambia Dry Port and increasing the cargo numbers.

In 2017 we began the direct approach to the mining sectors, suppliers and traders of all dry goods & auto machinery and to the fishing sector in both Namibia, Zambia and the DRC. We have also set in motion a closer direct relationship with the Zambian Government as to gain their full support in co-ordinating our meetings with the larger sector companies who utilize the port of Walvis Bay on a regular basis. It is for the benefit of the Zambian community as a whole that these large corporate entities based in Zambia utilize the Zambia Dry Port and its services rather than relying on other Nambian based companies and their services.

The Zambian Government directly earns a portion of the Gross Annual Income from the Zambia Dry Port.


It is our policy to approach all business sectors directly in Zambia, Namibia and the DRC to further market our facility and form synergies to offer our services directly to them. We endeavour to grow the Zambia Dry Port through the participation of the business sectors, mainly Zambian, and to offer the Zambian business community a service second to none on the African Continent.



The Zambia Dry Port offers a host of preferential services to Zambian based businesses. We have spent the last year focused on enhancing these services via the Zambian Business Sectors and the Zambian Government directly. It is the purpose of the Zambian Dry Port to enhance the gateway of the Port of Walvis Bay to the world. The core factor of Zambian Businesses and the Zambian Government to utilise the services offered on the west coast of Namibia rather than relying on the congested, unsafe and unreliable ports of the east coast of southern Africa.

Our research has shown, with our relationship with Namport and the WBCG that the Port of Walvis Bay is faster, safer, more reliable and more economical that all other ports in southern Africa. The Lubumbashi – Ndola – Walvis Bay corridor is a far more direct and suitable route than all others. Durban, Beira and Dar Es Salaam ports and routes to Zambia all have logistical, over loading, delays, high cost and safety issues that Walvis Bay Port and the Zambia Dry Port and roads do not. The Port of Walvis Bay is modern and efficient and with the pre-clearing and stuffing and storing and loading facilities at the Zambia Dry Port means that any cargo bound for Zambia / Lusaka can be delivered from ship to destinations in 6-7 days.

We have agreed a new deal with Namport on the Port charges. All new business via the Zambia Dry Port will qualify for a 30% reduction on port charges. This can be a huge reduction on cost to client on any large order via the port of Walvis Bay. AUC will endeavour to launch a new marketing campaign informing all our contacts of this reduction to attract more direct imports to the port of Walvis Bay and the Zambia Dry Port.


Strategic Partnerships

AUC & The Zambia Dry Port have partnered with the Walvis Bay Corridor Group to enhance the Lubumbashi – Ndola – Walvis Bay Corridor as well as all other corridors that lead to the Port of Walvis Bay. The fact the WBCG have now partnered with AUC/ZDP to showcase our services at all their functions, conferences and exhibitions globally, hugely increases the awareness of the Zambia Dry Port. We regularly attend conferences and exhibitions with the team of the WBCG and Namport in Zambia, DRC, South Africa and Botswana. It is key that all SADC countries are aware of the Zambia Dry Port and the services offered within.

Our relationship with Namport is also a key partnership to ensure the success of the Zambia Dry Port. The Zambia Dry ports location within the port of Walvis Bay (Namport) allows for a number of key advantages to our clients. Our relationship with Namport to ensure the future of the Dry Port is key.

We have negotiated business agreements to offer further discounts to attract new business through the port of Walvis Bay and see a long standing business partnership with them flourish. It is our intention to grow the Zambia Dry Port not only to facilitate frozen and dry cargo but to also work with Namport to promote further business potential to both parties.

  • Rail Siding
  • Weighbridge
  • Cold Storage Warehouse
  • Rubb Hall

AUC regularly meet with shipping lines, logistics companies, clearing agencies, trucking & transport companies, businesses and traders in Zambia, Namibia and the DRC to form further partnerships to ensure the increase of cargo traffic via the Zambia Dry Port in Walvis Bay.

AUC have formed a joint venture with a Chinese based company (Jiangsu Golden Coast Pty Ltd.) to promote the trade of SADC commodities destined for the Eastern Markets as well as promoting Chinese commodities for the SADC region. This joint venture with 2 ports on the Yangtze River is to offer direct door to door trading and logistics services between the SADC and China. In 2017 AUC travelled to China (Beijing & Shanghai) several times to view commodities, machinery and products that would suit Namibia, Zambia, DRC, Botswana and all neighbouring SADC countries. On several occasions members of the JV from China have travelled to SADC countries with AUC management to view commodities suited to the current markets in the East.

2018 promises to be highly successful for the JV for various commodities and trading of copper, dimension stone and timber from Africa to China via the Zambia Dry Port to both Rugao and Xinminzhou Ports on the Yangtze River. We are in negotiations with several companies and Government officials to promote economically beneficial Chinese products destined for Africa - Farming Machinery, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Fish, Rice, Clothing and Furniture to name a few.



Government support is key to the success of the Zambia Dry Port. Both the Namibia and Zambian Governments have been canvassed to continue their support of the initiative between both countries. AUC have recently vigorously met with Zambian Officials and the Zambian Government.

Our relationship with both the Zambian and Namibian Governments is vital as the original agreement to allow the Zambian Government the portion of land in the port of Walvis Bay is to promote trade between both countries.

AUC have formed strong alliances with the following Zambian and Namibian Governments departments to ensure that more Zambian related cargo is serviced via the Zambia Dry Port while on Namibian soil:

  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Ministries of Trade & Industry
  • Ministries of Mines & Energy
  • Ministries of Finance
  • Ministries of Transport
  • Governors
  • Mayors
  • Local and National Government Authorities & Bodies

AUC have in 2017 built relationships with Governors of the DRC, specifically the Katanga Region as that is the Gateway of trade from Walvis Bay to Lubumbashi. Due to the heavy economic dependency of the DRC on imports the port of Walvis Bay is greatly utilized for their imports and then transported through Zambia to the DRC. The relationship between AUC and the Zambia Dry Port with the local Governance of the Katanga Region is one that is a key focus for further success of the Zambia Dry Port.


Digital & Conventional Media

AUC has extensively embraced new modern digital and mobile media’s to promote the Zambia Dry Port as well as relying on conventional print media.

AUC have the following in place:

  • Website
  • Facebook Account
  • Instagram Account
  • WhatsApp Groupings with Namibian and International Business Partners
  • WeChat Groupings with Namibian and International Business Partners

Using the Digital Media as a channel to directly send information and data to potential clients of the Zambia Dry Port is a quick, efficient and cost effective way to enhance business. Part of AUC’s marketing strategy is that all senior staff and managers utilize all these digital streams to stay in contact with current clients and potential clients and promoting future business by sending:

  • Zambia Dry Port Information
  • AUC / ZDP Corporate Profile
  • AUC / ZDP Service Information
  • AUC & ZDP Brand Information
  • Commodity Trading Information
  • Commodity Photography
  • Data Sheets
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sales Drives
  • Direct Contact Business
  • Continuous Client and Partner liaison

AUC also strongly focus on conventional media both on the ground in Walvis Bay, Nationally in Namibia and in Zambia and DRC. We send information to newspaper publications, run advertising campaigns in newspapers, partner publications, event publications, economic and trade publications. Brand awareness for all the events we attend is a forum we utilise to promote AUC and the Zambia Dry Port and our services – marketing materials such as banners, flags, signage, posters, flyers and brochures, folders with brand and service information etc.