Company | Walvis Bay / ZDP

Africa Union Cargo is the investor, operator and facilitator of the Zambian Dry Port within Namport.

There are several key goals in setting up the Zambia Dry Port, which Africa Union Cargo (AUC) is committed to supporting. This initiative represents an opportunity for Zambia to diversify from its traditional dependence on the ports of Dar-as-Salaam and Durban, and make use of a west coast port that is closer to the European and American customers and suppliers. It is intended that the facility will lead to increased flows of cargo through Walvis Bay Port, which will lead to the expansion of port activity and the stimulation of the local economy. It is also important to note that although the facility is referred to as the “Zambia Dry Port”, it has the potential to deliver the benefits of route diversity to other central African Countries – Focuses on handling import and export cargo mainly for landlocked countries around the Trans-Caprivi Corridor (Zambia, southern DRC, Western Zimbabwe, Namibia and parts of southern Angola).

Clearing & Forwarding

Our clearing and forwarding department is well established and has great relationships with the various stake holders in logistics freight forwarding and customs clearances


Containerised Cargo

Container storage, unpacking, palletizing and distribution services. All type of consignments irrespective of size or weight can be handled


Cargo Handling

We can competently, efficiently and effectively handle the packing and unpacking of specialized cargo e.g. Granite Blocks, Vehicles and other dry cargo.