Zambia Dry Port

The first phase, which is now fully operational, consisting of a 10,000 m² storage facility.

The area is fully interlocked paved area, and has a concrete foundation capable of handling 100 tons’ axle loads. The facility is secured with concrete posts and palisade fencing offering twenty four hour security services to enable the handling of high-value commodities. The area also has the capacity for seventy-two (72) reefer containers to be plugged in for frozen cargo e.g. fish, chicken, meat etc. for the cross-border Africa market. We offer dry cargo services e.g. vehicles, granite and marble stone, metal ore concentrate or finished product etc. for the handling, stuffing and de-stuffing, storage of bulk or containerized cargo.

The Second phase - 20,000 m² and construction and concrete palisade fencing is due to be completed and operational by end of 2018.

The second phase of our depot will be operational by the end of October 2018. This will greatly increase the capacity of the overall Dry Port to a total of 30 000 m².

This will allow AUC to further invest with the Namibian, Zambian and DRC business logistics companies to find solutions for larger projects and cargo handling. We will also focus on offering all countries importing and exporting to and from Zambian a higher level of service and logistics solutions.

We will be upgrading the security services on the depot to handle all high value commodities offering the mining sectors in the territories we offer services to.

We will have future updates in our news section.